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PCOS Healthy Habits

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a chronic disorder that causes different types of complications in women. It affects one in ten women. Women with PCOS have follicles and cysts in their ovaries and don’t produce an egg in every menstrual cycle. 

This disease causes irregular periods and infertility. Furthermore, it impacts overall health. If you have PCOS, you are prone to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, depression, and more. 

Unfortunately, there’s no definite solution for PCOS. If you have PCOS, you must comply with two rules without question:

These are the two fundamentals of PCOS treatment. Managing PCOS means adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Some of these habits might be hard and take time to implement successfully but it’s important that you try. 

Say No to Unhealthy Carbs and Sugars

Rule no.1 of a healthy diet is to manage carbohydrate and sugar intake. PCOS means that your insulin resistance goes down and your blood sugar works differently. Insulin helps to use blood sugar but with no working insulin, blood sugar goes up. This can lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. 

Unhealthy carbohydrates, such as refined flour food, white rice, and white bread, are bad for you. Instead, you can switch to healthy carbs like brown rice and unrefined flour. 

Similarly, sugar and sugar-filled foods especially soft drinks increase insulin resistance. Despite popular beliefs, honey isn’t healthier than sugar. It also increases blood sugar. You can look into fruit syrups or natural sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are carcinogens.  

Adopt a Healthy Diet 

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can be beneficial. There is a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Including high-fiber foods and omega-3 fatty foods can improve your health. The anti-inflammatory diet is ideal for PCOS. 

You can eat fish and lean meat as an alternative to red meat. Cutting down on dairy products is good for you. Unfortunately, for PCOS, there are many diet restrictions that need to be followed. You can indulge every now and then, but regular eating of this food can mean diabetes. 

Exercise Routinely 

Eating healthy isn’t enough. You need to integrate regular exercise into your daily routine. There are many types of exercises that you can choose from. You can do jogging, running, swimming, or cycling. Strength training is another great option. Stress-managing practices like yoga or pilates are good healthy choices. 

Exercises to reduce insulin resistance, lower testosterone, and androgen, lose weight, build up healthy muscle, and more. Working out is a great way to decrease cholesterol levels and keep heart diseases at bay. Even a simple walk down the stairs can benefit you. 

get proper Sleep 

Not having proper sleep can further ruin your health. Those who are sleep deprived or don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep a day have more insulin resistance. It’s difficult for them to lose weight as well. An unhealthy diet makes it harder to fall asleep at a good time. Staying up light and sleeping for a few hours ruins overall health. 

Many women with PCOS develop sleep apnea. This causes breathing issues during sleep. Other symptoms include heavy snoring, constant fatigue, and feeling sleepless all the time. If you have these symptoms, you can think about getting tested for sleep apnea.

To conclude, managing PCOS depends mostly on making healthy choices. This disease threatens our reproductive and overall health. Please don’t take it light-heartedly. Making these changes can improve your life quality by ten folds.

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