How to Take A Pregnancy Test at Home

Pregnancy is a joyous time for many women. However, many women dread it. One positive pregnancy test result can change your entire life.

If you missed your period, had unprotected sex or are worried if you have conceived, you should take a pregnancy test.

The most accurate way to find out if you’re pregnant is through the tests your doctor suggests. But, if you don’t want to consult a doctor yet, pregnancy tests at home are possible!

In fact, it’s not hard at all.

Pregnancy test kits are available in pharmacies and most cost under ৳100. Some cost as low as ৳40. The using process is easy too. You just have to get the timing right.

How do pregnancy tests work?

Now you may wonder how a stick determines if someone is pregnant or not.

When an egg is fertilized and implants on the uterus wall, that means you’re pregnant. After the implantation, your body starts producing a hormone called hCG.

Pregnancy tests detect if your urine has hCG or not. Usually having 20mIU is enough for a positive result.

When to take a pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is three weeks after you’ve had intercourse. If you missed a period, you can take it the next day or within a week.

How to take a pregnancy test?

Once you’ve bought a pregnancy test kit, go through the instructions. For a more accurate result, you can use two separate tests. Make sure the tests are new and not expired.

For the test, get a clean cup for collecting urine, your test and a timer. Always clean your hands before pregnancy tests.

Take the pregnancy test in the morning. Our urine is more concentrated during that time. Don’t use the first urine that comes out. Pee a little at first and collect the sample from midway.

Some tests require dipping the absorbent side into the sample for 5-10 seconds. Moreover, if your test comes with a dropper, collect urine from the cup and put it on the test tip. If it’s a direct pee on stick test, pee on the absorbent side. Most tests require you to pee for 5-10 seconds.

The resulting side should always be placed up while waiting. Every test has a different waiting time from 3-10 minutes. Knowing the exact time is important because if you wait too long, there will be an evaporation line and mess up the results.

There are different pregnancy indicators too. Some tests show a single pink/blue/red line. Some might show a plus sign or the word ‘pregnant’. The resulting window can change color to indicate pregnancy as well.

In most cases, negative results don’t show up as lines. So, if you detect any light or small lines, consider the result as positive. If your test is positive, consult a gynecologist and confirm your pregnancy.

However, if your result is negative, you should take another test after a week since ovulating days can be delayed. Your urine didn’t have the right amount of hCG then. If it’s still negative but you haven’t started your period, consult a doctor to figure out what’s wrong.

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