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Mitul is 14. She compares herself with her classmates. She realizes that even though they’re the same age, she has significantly more facial and body hair than her peers. This makes her feel conscious. Sometimes she gets teased for it. 

Does this example highlight any situations you have faced? 

Most women are often self-conscious about their facial and body hair. We live in a world that has somehow normalized that women aren’t supposed to have hair on the face, chest, stomach, arms, or legs. 

Facial and body hair in women is natural. Some have a small amount while some women have more visible hair. Both are valid and normal parts of life. Body hair amounts are influenced by genetics, medications, and most commonly, PCOS

But, even the most confident person can feel that they want to change certain parts of their looks. Removing hair from the face or body should be done for your own preferences rather than what others expect of you. 

There’s a wide choice of removal processes. You can choose whatever fits you.


One of the most popular hairs removal processes is threading. It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t done threading in her face at least once. Threaded facial hair can grow back in 2-4 weeks. They require high pain tolerance.


Waxing has been gaining popularity lately. Even though waxing hurts, it’s less painful than threading. The hair grows back after 4-6 weeks. There are home waxing kits available but it’s best to get the first 1-2 times done by professionals. 

If not handled properly, hot wax can cause burns on your skin. If you have sensitive skin or acne, avoid waxing because it can irritate the skin more and even peel it off. Both threading and waxing will cause mild swelling in the areas.


For small ingrown hairs, you can try out plucking or tweezing. It’s the least expensive process but the hair will grow back soon. Don’t remove hair on large areas by plucking.

Laser Removal

However, if you want a more permanent solution, you can check out laser hair removal. This is an expensive procedure performed by licensed doctors only. It takes at least 12 sessions after 4-5 weeks for the hair to be removed for a few years. After that, it will grow back less dense.


Shaving to remove hair in women is gaining traction. There are special razors made for women to remove facial hair. Using male’s shaving razor isn’t a good idea.

Hair removal creams

You can opt for hair removal creams as well. Such creams are made for specific areas so don’t use arm hair depilatory cream on the face. Some creams can lessen hair growth gradually. They need to be used twice every day for proper results. 

As there are many options, you can choose the one that suits you the most. 


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