Heavy or Painful Flow


Are you someone who suffers from heavy flow during menstruation? Does it hamper your daily life? Does it make you so weak that you can’t leave your bed? While heavy flow or menorrhagia is common, having flow where you need to change pads every hour and feel nauseous is not normal. Painful flow or dysmenorrhea is also terrible for your overall health.

Heavy and Painful Flow

To put into perspective, average women bleed 3-4 tablespoons every menstruation. But, women with heavy bleeding can bleed up to 8 tablespoons or more. Heavy menstrual bleeding should not be accepted without treatment. Unfortunately, some people may go through this dilemma every month and become extremely weak. But there are treatment options for painful flows.

Symptoms of heavy bleeding:

  • changing your sanitary product every hour or two
  • passing large clots the size of coins
  • getting extreme cramps
  • staying in bed to deal with the weakness

Severe bleeding causes enormous pain while peeing and having intercourse. It can also lead to anaemia.

They could also be indicators of bigger diseases such as endometriosis, PCOS, tumors, inflammatory diseases in the pelvis, and in some cases, womb cancer.

Treatment Options

If your period hampers your daily life, it’s time to see a Gynecologist!

You need to do a check-up and need to find a treatment for it. 

You need to do a blood test for the diagnosis. Having too much estrogen or hypothyroidism can cause severe flow.

The treatments for painful and heavy bleeding is birth control pills, medicine that decreases bleeding and inflammation. Painkillers are a common solution for painful cramps.

Having surgery to remove fibroids or the uterus (hysterectomy) is a viable option as well.

If you’re pregnant and you get painful cramps with heavy bleeding, you need to go to the hospital immediately. This is a sign of miscarriage. It could also mean ectopic pregnancy that is life-threatening for the mother.

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