How to Use A Pad


When Aditi got her period, her mother gave her a pack of pads from her stash. She did not explain how to use the pads properly. The thin material wasn’t suited to 13-year-old Aditi’s heavy flow, and she suffered a lot. After talking to her classmates, she realized there are other types of pads. But she still hesitated to ask them how to properly wear them.

Have you ever been in such situations?

Periods are a taboo subject in our society. Most of the time when a girl starts menstruating, she receives more advice on what not to do rather than what she should. Sometimes mothers hesitate to teach their daughters basic pad information. Maybe the mother herself doesn’t know.

How do I use a pad?

Take off the wrapper of your pad. The backside of the pad has a sticky line or adhesive strip. Remove the strip and place the adhesive side on your underwear. The pad should be placed vertically.

Some pads have wings on two sides to secure them in your underwear. If your pad has wings, connect their adhesive to your panties as well. It prevents side leakage as well.

Can I wear a pad the whole day?

You can’t. It’s best to change it after every 4 hours whether the pad has been fully soaked or not. The maximum time shouldn’t exceed more than 6 hours.

Keeping in a pad for too long will create a bad odor. The vaginal and anal bacteria mixed with period blood can cause a terrible smell if the pad is kept too long. It can also cause infections.

How to change a pad?

When you want to change your pad, touch an unsoaked part and pull it up. The adhesive will come off. Roll the pad and wrap it in the wrapper it came in. You can use toilet paper as well. Then put it in the bin. Make sure to empty the bins every day or two.

Don’t flush pads down the toilet. It will clog up the toilet.

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