Breast Self-Examination (BSE): The 5-Minute Test That Could Save Your Life


Like other countries in the world, breast cancer is also a major cancer problem for women in Bangladesh. However, if diagnosed in the early stages, the chances of this disease being completely cured are very high. And self-breast examination is a very effective way to detect breast cancer at this early stage.  You can easily self-examine your breasts at home. Once every month must be tested. From the age of 20, a woman can self-examine throughout her life. This test is best done within 1 week of the end of the menstrual period. Those who have stopped regular periods or are irregular due to any reason, can do this test on a specific date every month.

Step: 1

Look: Place both hands on the waist in such a way that the chest muscles are stiffens up. Stand in front of the mirror with both arms hanging on both sides of the body, raised above the head or behind. Now look in the mirror to see whether there have been any changes to your skin, nipples, or breast size, shape, or color.

Step: 2

Touch and feel with hands: Do this twice from two positions.

While taking a bath

Apply soap to your hands while taking a bath, lift your right hand up and press circularly on the right breast with the tip of your left hand finger to check if any cysts or lumps are felt. Check the other breast in the same way.

Lying on the bed

Place a small cushion or towel under your right shoulder to align your chest and breasts while you’re on the bed. In order to detect any wheels, lightly press the right breast with the tip of your left index finger. Now feel for any wheels under your right armpit. Examine the nipple after pressing it to see if there is any blood or discharge.

Now change your position and use your right hand to examine your left breast, nipple, and armpit. Do not panic and seek medical attention right away if any discrepancy is found.

Dr. Mohammad Masumul Haque
Founder, Cancer Awareness Foundation of Bangladesh.

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