Can Contraceptives Delay Periods

Contraceptives can delay, or even stop your period.

Some contraceptives can make your period lighter, and some can cause withdrawal or bleeding.

Withdrawal bleeding isn’t something scary. Contraceptives like birth control pills(estrogen-progesterone) have 28 pills that need to be taken every day. The first 21 pills are actual birth control medicine that stops ovulation. The last seven pills are placebos or functionless pills. During these days, you may get a light period which happens because of the hormone change from the pill alteration. You don’t have to take pills on period days but taking them during this time maintains the important daily habit.

This light bleeding is different from actual menstruation. While to some it may seem unnecessary, for individuals who get painful and heavy periods, it can literally save their lives.

There are continuous birth control pills which have 28 active pills. In this case, there is no monthly bleeding. But you will have spotting in the first three months when your body is getting adjusted.

Vaginal rings and IUDs work the same way as well. If you use the ring, you can stop your period based on the dose. Similarly, IUDs with certain doses can delay your period or prevent it together.

So far, no medical or fertility drawbacks of using hormone pills to delay the period have been found. If your doctor gives you the green light, then it’s okay for you. Based on your need, you can choose what works for you.

One disadvantage is that if your contraceptive fails and you become pregnant, it becomes tricky to detect. This is why you should get tested if you notice any pregnancy symptoms, regardless of your use of birth control.

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