Can I still Get Pregnant even if I Use Protection?



Ira and her husband don’t want children in the next three years. She has been taking birth control pills for a year. However, she became busy and forgot to take her pill for two days. Three weeks later, she tested positive for pregnancy.

Jamila and her boyfriend use condoms. But, one day when they engaged in intercourse, his condom accidentally came off at the end. Two weeks later, Jamila was mortified to find herself pregnant.

In both cases, protection was used but pregnancy still happened. Meaning pregnancy can still happen if you use protection.

The most common protection is the birth control pill. Pills are 90-99% effective. But sometimes they fail because of various reasons. If you,

  • skip a day or two
  • have irregular pill taking time
  • weigh over 90kgs
  • had diarrhea or vomited in the last 48 hours
  • take antibiotics or any medicine that interferes with your birth control pill

Sometimes you can forget to take your pill for a day or two. Or maybe you ran out and can’t get them immediately. It’s best to refrain from intercourse during this time. If you have irregular pill taking time, that can mess up your hormones. Try to maintain a 2-hour window every day.

There are medicines like antibiotics that interfere with birth control pills. Notify your doctor when they prescribe you any other medicine.

If you have diarrhea or vomit within 2 days, it’s best to stay away from intercourse during this time. Because this could release the birth control pill from your body.

A disadvantage of birth control pills is that it isn’t effective for women over 90kgs. Talk with your doctor to find the best contraceptive for you.

Just like birth control medicine, condoms aren’t always effective. Sometimes they can come off mid-intercourse. Condoms can get expired so don’t use those. Most importantly, some condom brands are not as protective.

IUDs can have accidents too. It’s inserted into the uterus. It’s rare but possible for the IUD to get displaced and pregnancy happens. This sort of pregnancy is more dangerous than ectopic pregnancies as the egg implants outside the uterus.

Furthermore, vaginal rings or other implants aren’t 100% perfect either. You need to change them timely otherwise the effectiveness wears off.

Even if you’re using protection at all times, if you detect pregnancy symptoms, take a pregnancy test as soon as you can. It’s better to be safe than sorry.  


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