First time Sex Precautions


Having sex for the first time can be an exciting but scary feeling. It’s completely normal to feel nervous before your first time. But what’s important is that understanding sex comes with responsibility. 

It’s not only about your temporary pleasure but the pleasure and comfort of all parties involved. For this to happen, you need to prepare yourself extensively. 

Remember, just because it’s your first time, that doesn’t mean you can’t end up hurt, pregnant, or not contract STI (sexually transmitted illness). Your body will be stimulated during sex and so you will sweat, flush more, and have increased blood flow. 

Talk with Someone

Talking with someone more experienced than you can help you out a lot. While reading about sex is important, someone with firsthand knowledge can help you set realistic expectations. 

They can also give you tips and tricks that might come in handy. Most importantly, if you have any uncertainty or doubts, they can walk you through them.  

Partner Choice 

Having the right partner is one of the vital parts of having sex for the first time. You don’t want someone who’s careless and selfish, do you? Talk with your partner and figure out their wants and needs. Remember, consent needs to come from all sides. 

Don’t let anyone manipulate or coerce you into having sex. If someone begs for sex, doesn’t listen to your doubts, or says they don’t like protection, they are not the people you should have sex with. 

Protection and Other Items 

Use protection. Do not skip out on protection especially if it’s your first time. It’s possible to get pregnant during your first sexual encounter. Even if you are not having penetrative sex, don’t skip on contraception. 

If you planned on the date for the encounter, you could get on birth control. However, using a condom no matter what other protection you’re using can save you from accidental pregnancy and contracting STIs. Alongside protection, use lube for less pain and have towels/tissues for easy cleanup. 

Will I Bleed?

There is a common misconception that all women bleed when they have sex for the first time. Many people treat this as a sign of virginity. This belief isn’t true at all. Most women have hymen or a stretchy membrane in the vagina. 

For some women, the hymen can tear while having sex for the first time or doing hardcore exercises. This causes bleeding. But this isn’t the case for everyone because most women unknowingly break their hymen before having sex. So, there’s a chance you might bleed or might not.

Will I Feel Pain?

This is a huge concern for many women before having sex for the first time. Sex in general can be a bit painful in the beginning. But for the first intercourse, you will experience more pain than usual because this will be a new sensation for your body. 

However, relaxing during insertion and thrusting can help you feel more comfortable. While the vagina makes natural lubricant when aroused, use other lubricants as well. Friction from thrusting will hurt a lot if it’s dry. 

Can I Orgasm? 

Having sex for the first time isn’t how it is portrayed in the movies. Chances are both of you won’t reach your magical peak at the same time. First intercourses are filled with clumsiness and learning moments. You will be nervous too. All these factors could mean that one or both partners don’t orgasm. 

If both partners are inexperienced, it will take time to get adjusted and find out what makes the other reach orgasm. But, if your partner is experienced but only cares about reaching their peak and does not pay attention to you, that’s a sign of selfish partnership. 

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