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Ovarian Cysts


Did you know that we have two ovaries? 

They’re small. Almost the size of an almond. The two ovaries are situated near two sides of the uterus. Ovaries have two main functions. They mature the eggs and release them during every cycle. They also release progesterone and estrogen.

Ovarian cysts are small sacs filled with fluids that grow inside the ovaries or their exterior wall.


The good news is that it’s normal to develop such cysts because most are harmless and cause no pain. They stop existing without medical treatment.

Follicles are functional cysts. The matured egg bursts out of the follicle and enters the fallopian tube. The follicle then starts producing estrogen and progesterone.

But the bad news is that some ovarian cysts cause immense pain and harm your reproductive health. Unlike useful cysts such as follicles, these cysts are filled with mucus and tissue.

If the cyst bursts, it can cause pain in the pelvis and abdomen bloating. The abdomen will feel firmer and more painful to touch.

Endometriosis can cause ovarian cysts both inside and outside. It can be caused by other reasons as well.

Painful ovarian cysts shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can cause infertility. In extreme cases, it could lead to internal bleeding. For menopausal women, in very rare cases, it can possess risk for ovarian cancer.

Symptoms & Treatment

The best measure is preventive so getting regular checkups can help to diagnose early.

If you encounter pain in the pelvis and a firm bloated abdomen alongside fever and sudden vomiting, you need to consult a doctor. On top of that, if you feel light-headed, suddenly sweating too much, and have cold skin, you shouldn’t delay meeting a doctor.

The treatment for painful cysts includes contraceptives and laparoscopy. Sometimes cystectomy, oophorectomy, or hysterectomy is necessary for the best outcome.

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