Light Exercise during Menstruation


During our period, it feels like we can’t leave the comfort of our bed and do any work. Believe it or not, exercising is good for you during your period.

It’s been tested and proved that doing exercises during the period has many benefits. We are prone to mood swings and irritability when menstruating. Exercising releases happy hormones that improve our mood.

Moreover, it increases our energy and drives away lethargy. We always need an energy boost when on period. But light exercises actually improve our energy rather than consuming it.

Plus, exercising helps to relieve period symptoms. Cramps, back pain, and soreness become bearable. For those who have a heavy period, exercising is a fantastic pain reliever.

What sort of exercise should I do during period?

That being said, it’s best to stick to light exercises during this time. Doing simple activities like walking daily can be extremely helpful. The best exercise for periods is cardio. You can try jogging, light cardio, and aerobic exercises.

Don’t go overboard and take on harder activities that require much strength and energy. Lifting and other heavy exercises can make you more lethargic and cause cramps. If you have a regular intense workout routine, instead of stopping completely, tone it down.

For the first two days, stick to walking or jogging. These two days are the hardest to maintain. You will feel fatigued a lot but walking for 10-20 minutes can improve your energy and symptoms.

Another fantastic light exercise is yoga. Doing simple yoga poses can decrease PMS. You will feel fewer cramps and breast soreness.

During exercise, it’s best to use tampons or menstrual cups. But if you can’t do that, use pads. If you want to do swimming, don’t use a pad. Tampons are your best option.

Remember that moving a lot will increase vaginal discharge and the period flow. Wear darker pants in case there’s leaking.

After exercising, use a heated pad or towel near the stomach area. Even if it seems difficult at first, exercising can help to improve mood and decrease pain during the period. Don’t hate it before you try it!

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