What Period Blood Color tells about Body

Do you know what period blood is? Where does period blood come from?

If the egg released by the ovaries remain unfertilized, the uterus starts shedding its thick inner walls 14 days after ovulation.

This excessive blood can’t remain inside your body and needs to be released. It comes out of our vagina. This is what we call ‘period’ or ‘menstruation’.

Red or brown:

Red and reddish-brown are normal period blood colors. Bright red means fresh blood is being released. However, if it comes with itching and foul-smelling discharge, it can be a sign of a bigger disease like cancer.

If you have darker red blood, it is not ‘dirty’ or ‘foul’. When the blood remains too long in the uterus, it starts mixing with oxygen. Oxidized blood has a darker hue.


Sometimes period blood can appear black. This generally happens on the first day. But if your period blood is still black after day 2, it can be a sign of vaginal blockage.

If you have trouble urinating, extreme itching and bad-smelling discharge,  you need to consult a doctor.

pink or Orange:

The opposite shades can appear as well. When your period blood comes into contact with cervical fluid, the blood becomes lighter. It can appear pink or orange.

Pink period blood is a side-effect of birth control. But it can also mean anemia or vaginal tear.

Orange blood means there is a chance of bacterial infection. While that is not the case, you should still consult a doctor.

Always check the color of your period blood as it is an indicator of your body’s internal mechanism.

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