Myths or Reality?


Period and the female body are surrounded by hundreds of myths. We hear them all the time. Sometimes we can tell which words are actually myths and which are facts.

But that’s not always the case.

It’s easy to get influenced when you’re young and hear something from a person you trust. The easiest way to debunk those notions is to research them.

Because these myths aren’t just false information. They change the way we look at our bodies and menstruation.

Did you know that in many countries in the world, period is considered to be a disease? In fact, many people over the world believe it. There are many misconceptions surrounding the female body that need to be changed.

Menstruation vs Menstrual Cycle? 

The number one myth or misconception almost all of us suffered from is that menstruation and menstrual cycle are the same things.

They are not. The menstrual cycle starts the day your menstruation or bleeding starts and it ends the day before your next period begins. Menstruation cycles can last from 24-40 days. 28 is the average time. While menstruation (bleeding time) itself lasts for 3-7 days. It’s important to know the difference.

Is Period Blood “dirty”?

Another huge period myth is that period blood is dirty blood. It is not impure in any way shape or form. When your egg is not fertilized, the uterus sheds the thick walls it made for pregnancy. This shedding is called period. While older blood does come out in some cases, it’s not dirty or “unholy” blood.

Excluding girls from family rooms, schools, and religious places because she is menstruating is not based on facts. It’s discrimination against women based on deep ignorance.

Emotional Mess 

Moreover, there’s this huge myth going around that women are more emotional and temperamental during this time. This also creates the false conception that women are hormonal creatures who can’t even control themselves.

Although almost all women have faced mood swings or depressive thoughts and irritability during these times, these symptoms don’t alter their personality or intelligence.

There’s a reason behind why we’re prone to mood swings while menstruating. During this time frame, the body produces less oestrogen and more progesterone. Estrogen is considered to be a happy hormone that elevates mood. But progesterone causes irritability and a fall in the mood.

No Protein During period?

In Bangladesh, some local myths have persisted for a while. Menstruating women aren’t allowed to eat fish and meat. People think that it would create foul-smelling blood. This isn’t based on any truth. In fact, fish is beneficial when you’re on period among other foods.

Bed Rest Only? 

Girls in Bangladesh are also forced into isolation and complete bed rest while on their period. A huge false belief exists that moving too much during the period will result in your uterus falling down and becoming loose. While resting is necessary, there’s no need for total bed rest. Did you know that exercise is actually a remedy for cramps?

Can You become pregnant during period?

You can become pregnant if you have unprotected intercourse during the period. Sperms can live for 3-5 days inside fallopian tubes. If it enters when you’re menstruating, it can fertilize an egg during the ovulation period. So, it’s best to use protection when having intercourse during period days. 

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