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Sex is a taboo matter in our society. Even among married couples, people don’t bring up the basics. It’s a simple bodily function. But it’s treated as something dirty

Ignoring the topic won’t make it go away. When the topic is ignored, it gives birth to misconceptions and false teachings.

Information about safe sex should be more accessible. But it isn’t. This is why it’s common to find relationships where the partners aren’t satisfied, had accidental pregnancies, STIs, and even emotional breakdowns.

First, it’s important to establish that sex is a natural part of life. All of our existence came to be because of it. Don’t view it as something taboo and rebellious. This mindset clouds our judgement.

Now let’s tackle some important questions about sex and everything you don’t want to ask but need to know.

Why do we need protection? 

Protection is one of the most important parts of sex. Unless you’re trying to conceive, it’s best to use it.

We need protection for two reasons.

  • To prevent pregnancy
  • To prevent STIs (sexually transmitted illnesses)

Always use contraceptives and condoms when engaging in intercourse. Don’t take any chances.

You may think that if you prevented all ways of pregnancy so why not have sex without protection?

Because you can still get STIs that may leave a permanent effect on your body. STIs are incredibly hard to deal with and some are chronic. If you have multiple partners, never skip on protection.

Does sex hurt?

The first time you have sex, you will feel some discomfort. Your body isn’t used to that type of intrusion so it will take some to get used to.

But, after that sex isn’t supposed to be painful. Sex is about pleasure. If you feel pain and do not enjoy yourself, vocalize it to your partner.

Sometimes people skip out on foreplay and this makes sex painful and dry for them.

If it keeps hurting, this can be a sign of uterine fibroids, vaginismus, or endometriosis.

Is foreplay necessary? 


Foreplay is extremely necessary for sex. Otherwise, your vagina will not get aroused and remain dry. The sliding will hard and painful after that. The vagina needs prepping before insertion. This is the same with anal sex. Don’t rush.

Try to experiment and find out what gets you and your partner aroused. Spend some time in foreplay before engaging in sex. It can increase your intimacy as well.

Is vaginal sex the only way to get pregnant? 


In vaginal sex, the penis is inserted into the vagina. This sex is the most effective way to become pregnant. Anal sex and other non-penetrative sex don’t require direct contact between the penis and vagina. But there is always a chance if the semen makes its place in the vagina.

This is why cleaning yourself and your partner carefully after engaging is important.

Is female orgasm real?


Female orgasms can take more time than male orgasm. It’s common that the male partner to orgasm and he doesn’t extend the courtesy to his female partner.

Most women can’t orgasm from vaginal sex only. They need other stimulations. This is normal.

If you don’t feel pleasure, you need to inform your partner. There’s no shame in it. After all, sex is very intimate so you should be able to have such conversations with your partner.

What does consent mean? 

Consent is when the people engaging in sex have given their permission. This yes needs to be a vocal ‘yes’. But the no can come in different forms. It can be vocalized, shown through body language and state of consciousness. This is because you need to be in a good state of mind if you say yes.

If your partner disregards your no, try to end the discussion there. Don’t feel bad and have sex with them out of pity. Don’t let them coax you into sex either. Stand your ground.

The same applies to you. If your partner doesn’t look enthusiastic, don’t proceed.

Sex is about the pleasures of the partners. Anything less than consensual sex can be classified as sexual coercion or harassment.

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