The First Period


When do most girls get their period?

The first period of a girl is called menarche

The usual age to start period is between 10-14. Most girls will have their first period at 12. However, some can start early at 8 years old as well. 

But, if you’re 16 and still haven’t got your first period, you should talk to a doctor. 

No matter when girls have their first period, it’s necessary that they are prepared and not caught off guard. Children should know about periods and why they happen. It’s important to be honest with them and let them know the necessary information.

How to tell if i am about to have my first period

There are two huge indicators before a girl gets her first period. 

Did you know that girls usually start their period two years after they start developing breasts? If you feel that your child is physically developing early, then you need to have the period talk with them. Your child might get their period before their peers.

Another sign is that they start having vaginal discharge. This will usually happen 6 months to a year before menarche

It takes until 18 years of age for the menstruation cycle to have a fixed schedule. The first two years are exceptionally unstable. Girls might face more cramping during this age as well.

How to prepare for the first period

If you’re a young girl expecting her first period, please talk to an older female figure who has knowledge about how to use sanitary products, how to dispose of them, what to do when you have cramps and mood swings, and more.

Similarly, if you’re a parent, talk to them about these issues. You need to give extra support to your adolescent children. If your daughter starts exhibiting the two-period indicators, discuss menstruation with them. 

Buy them sanitary products like pads, tampons, and extra underwear to keep with them at all times, especially at school. Teach them how to dispose of the products, how to remove stains, and how to manage period symptoms. 

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