Why Tracking is Important


Tracking your menstrual cycle is important if you want to maintain a healthy body.

If you track your cycle, you will get to keep a record of the last period date and calculate the next menstruation days. You will also get to track your ovulation and find the perfect window for conceiving.

But your period date is not the only important part here. When you know about your cycle dates, you understand how your body reacts in different phases.

Sometimes we can get forgetful. Trackers remind us when our body is going through hormone change and how it will affect us. Tracking helps us to prepare.

Keeping track of period dates also helps to identify certain illnesses.

Usually, women ovulate during the second week of their menstrual cycle. Each cycle can last from 21-35 days. The day you start a period marks the beginning of a cycle. The tracking for that cycle ends when you start another period.

All women have a different reaction to hormonal imbalance during this time. Some can become moody, have cramps, and feel bloated, while some can show very few indications.

Furthermore, tracking is a popular practice suggested by every gynecologist to their patients for conceiving. During the ovulation stage, there are 5-6 days when you are most fertile. This is the perfect time for pregnancy.

Tracking your cycle always makes you prepared. You know which week your menstruation might start, and you get to take precautionary measures as well, such as carrying sanitary products.

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